Major Digital Project – The Finale

It is now that time in the semester where all things are coming to an end, including this Major Digital Project. I don’t think I fully understood what I was taking on when I read the description of the Major Digital Project assignment in our course syllabus. I considered a variety of potential projects before I decided upon incorporating a Social Media Marketing project into my Entrepreneurship 30 class. I was very excited for this project as it is something that interests me and fits in so well with the course I’m teaching, but my class and I hit a setback in terms of timing pretty early on.  I quickly found that I was in over my head when it comes to social media marketing, so I called in backup in the form of a Zoom session with my classmate, Nancy Smith. We finally began making progress on the social media marketing project, and I’m now ready to provide my final update.

Social Media Marketing Project
The entire project is outlined in this PDF file: EC&I 831 Social Media Project
It includes:

  1. Pre-assessment
  2. Introduction to social media marketing
  3. Major project outline
    • Pitch business idea, create company, assign roles in company, create business plan, and conduct a formal board meeting with a local business mentor
    • Determine who is your target market and how will you reach them on social media?
    • Participate in Zoom session with social media marketing expert, Nancy Smith
    • Create company social media accounts
    • Create social media content calendar
    • Create content
    • Post content
    • Interact with customers
  4. Suggested tools
    • Hootsuite – social media managing, scheduling, measuring tool
    • Canva – graphic design tool
    • Adobe Spark – graphic design tool
    • Figma – interface design tool
    • Stencil – graphic design tool
    • BeFunky – photo editor, collage maker, and graphic design tool
    • Infogram – infographic creator
    • Visme – infographic creator
    • Soapbox – video creator and editor
    • Snappa – graphic design tool
  5. Assessment
    • Student worksheet
    • Assessment rubric

Entrepreneurship 30 Social Media Project Progress

My Entrepreneurship 30 class is comprised of 30 grade 11 & 12 students. The students have pitched potential business ideas and formed 4 companies: The Lip Stuff, All Boxed Up, Food Dudes, and Snow Busters. All companies have created business plans and conducted formal board meetings with local business mentors. Three of the four companies have already begun full company operations including production, marketing, and sales, while the fourth company will be kicking off operations next week.

Here are the social media platforms for each company:

The Lip Stuff
Product/Service: handmade, simple ingredient lip balm
Company Composition: 7 grade 12 girls
Social Corporate Responsibility: 10% of profits being donated to SOFIA House Regina


All Boxed Up
Product/Service: themed gift baskets (spa, movie, Christmas)
Company Composition: 8 grade 12 girls
Social Corporate Responsibility: $1 from each basket donated to Teddy Bears Anonymous 


Food Dudes
Product/Service: candy bags and pizza from Alex Pizza
Instagram: foooddudes
Company Composition: 9 grade 12 boys, 2 grade 11 boys
Social Corporate Responsibility: 10% of profits donated to the Regina Food Bank


Snow Busters
Product/Service: snow shoveling
Facebook: Snow Busters JA
Company Composition: 4 grade 12 boys
Social Corporate Responsibility: 50% seniors discount



Final Reflection

Unfortunately the high school semester does not align with the university semester, instead it runs from the beginning of September until the end of January. As such, my students are only half completed the project and have not quite reached the completion and assessment phase. They will continue running their businesses and social media accounts until mid-January and will then liquidate the company, complete shareholder reports, conduct formal shareholder meetings, and hopefully receive a dividend.

My students and I have learned a ton about social media marketing through this project. I have really enjoyed the learning and trying to figure out how to incorporate my major digital project into my teaching. This is an assignment that I will absolutely continue to use with my future classes.

Thanks for following along with the ups and downs of this project! I know my students would love if you followed their company’s progress as the semester continues, feel free to follow their company accounts.




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2 responses to “Major Digital Project – The Finale

  1. Dean Vendramin

    This is awesome. Thanks for adding some more tools in my tool box (I do some of the social media and branding at my school and these will come in handy … wish I still taught comm media sometimes). Love the collaboration you did and it looks like it was a very successful venture. There projects are super cool and I like the social responsibility piece. Thank you!

  2. I’m impressed with how real this project is. The creations of the students are really amazing!

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