Summary of Learning

Wow! What a semester it has been! A jam-packed three months with lots of new information, tools, resources, collaboration, relationships and many many things to think about. I have stuck with my tried-and-true method of procrastinating and have finally created a finished product for my Summary of Learning.

For my Summary of Learning artifact I wanted to try a new tool that I have not used before. I have always wanted to make a cool whiteboard video, but my whiteboard writing isn’t nearly as nice as Brooke’s  so I decided a digital whiteboard video, like this would suffice:


That’s when I found VideoScribe; a tool that allows you to create your own cool whiteboard videos without actually having to have legible whiteboard writing. After hours of work and feeling pretty happy with myself for learning this new tool, I discovered that the 7 day free trial of VideoScribe comes with the company logo in the background of your video. Unlike Amanda, I stuck with the free version so please don’t mind the VideoScribe logo all over the video… it doesn’t appear when you are editing and honestly by the time I discovered this I was too far in and too stubborn to pay for a subscription.

Here is my Summary of Learning


With the end of EC&I 831 (once I complete my final Major Digital Project post that is…) I will have officially completed my 9th Masters class and will complete my Masters of Educational Psychology in April 2020 – what a surreal feeling!

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  1. Dean Vendramin

    Hey Amy. Great review. Glad to see that you stepped out of your comfort zone and had such a rewarding experience because of it … I know journeys like yours inspire me and encourage some of the things I’m trying and reminds me that these experience are what we need to bring to the classroom and instill in our students in our classrooms. The video scribe looked awesome – really didn’t notice that it was a watermark – just looked like a background pattern. Thanks.

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