Finally Making Progress!

We are finally making progress! My Major Digital Project involves incorporating social media into my Entrepreneurship 30 class. I am still not confident that I will have the project assessed before the end of EC&I 831 but I am very happy to report that we have finally begun implementation!

The project officially kicked off with a Zoom session with Nancy Smith about social media marketing. I have received permission to share the video here on my blog. Enjoy the 20 minute lessons and conversations:

We then took a look at What Happens in a 2019 Internet Minute:

Internet Minute 2019

And a Social Media Cheat Sheet for Bloggers and Small Businesses


My students have now completed their business plans, outlining who their target market is, the team, the product/service, the marketing plan, finances, human resources, health and safety, and sales projections. Two companies began pre-sales during parent-teacher-student interviews and experienced some early success.  This week the companies will conduct their Initial Board Meetings with entrepreneurs from local businesses such as Crossfit Villains, Bella Chic, and The Ultimate Deck Shop. Once they have completed their board meetings the companies are officially in business and will have 6 weeks to run their businesses. All 4 companies have outlined a heavy reliance on social media to help promote their businesses as they do not have much start up capital to pay for marketing and it is the best way to attract their target demographics.

Once the board meetings are complete and the social media profiles are up and running I will post them here. Have you had any experiences interacting with businesses through social media? Do you have any tips/tricks/suggestions for my students?




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5 responses to “Finally Making Progress!

  1. Dean Vendramin

    So cool. I think that the social media posts have to be frequent and updated so potential clients will keep coming back to see new and more content. Also if you can get some kind of hook / friendly banter going … like a timely comment or meme that people will want to share with others. Hope this make sense. Nancy talk is really good. Thanks

  2. I think it’s really neat to have your students interact with Nancy in such a real and relevant way–very engaging as a teacher.

    I particularly liked your social media chart. This would have been invaluable for me when I was in charge of the social media for a political campaign. Knowing when and how to post is not always that intuitive.

    I hope your students’ project ends well!

  3. Good job Amy! Great collaboration with Nancy 🙂 The Social media cheat sheet is something I would like to hand out to my nursing students if possible? Thanks!

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