Major Digital Project – Decision Made

After much thought, deliberation, and some consultation, I have decided what I will do for my Major Digital Project for EC&I 831. In a previous blog post I had considered many possible project ideas and had narrowed it down to 4 topics:

  • Option 1: Design, implement, and assess a project that integrates a social networking tool into the classroom
  • Option 2: Learn a new language through the use of YouTube, Duolingo, and other free online sources to assist me in my future travels.
  • Option 3: Learning to run and more about physical activity through apps, websites, and videos. This would likely incorporate nutrition as well as running.
  • Option 4: Learning more advanced cooking and baking skills to create more complex recipes through online resources.

The first official step of my digital learning project was deciding that I will proceed with Option 1; designing, implementing, and assessing a project that integrates a social networking tool into my Entrepreneurship 30 class. The use of social media can be incorporated into multiple modules of the Entrepreneurship 30 curriculum. I am planning for the project to revolve around the topic of social media marketing in business and entrepreneurship.

Upon consultation with my professor, Alec Couros, he agreed that this was a suitable topic choice for my Digital Learning Project and recommended I check out Bushwick Analytica’s project of having students learn about and create targeted ads. In the article Tega Brain, the project developer, is quoted as saying:

“Kids today are growing up in a post-broadcast era,” says Brain. “And because of this, it’s absolutely essential to find ways to teach an understanding of algorithms, recommendation engines, and targeting. Why does the internet look different to everyone, and what does that mean?”

This week my students are going to research and pitch a potential business ideas that we will run in the class throughout the rest of the semester. Through the pitch assignment students will be given their first pre-assessment of their use of social media in the form of using social media to conduct initial market research. Students have been encouraged to use social media to find out if their target market (students at our school) would purchase the product that they are pitching to run in our business, as well as how much they would be willing to pay for it.

I am looking forward to learning more about how Entrepreneurs use social media in their businesses and can’t wait to incorporate this social media project with my class. Do you have any social media marketing resources? Or know anyone who has used social media in their business? I would love any tips, tricks, dos/don’ts, or resources that others are willing to share.

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  1. Can’t give you much for advice with regards to social media in the enterprise context, but I’m looking forward to seeing how this project will look in the weeks to come. Good luck!

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