Major Digital Project – So Many Options!

Since the EC&I 831 course started I have been struggling to choose a topic for my Major Digital Project. I am a notorious procrastinator and having choice in my assignments makes the procrastination even worse, thus I am here the day before this blog post is due trying to determine what I may want to do for my project. I have come up with a few ideas so far but haven’t been able to make a decision yet.

Option A: Undertake a major digital project that involves the integration of social media in teaching practices such as “the design, implementation, and assessment of a project that integrates a social networking tool into the classroom (e.g, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc).”

  • This semester I am teaching Entrepreneurship 30. I am planning for my class to brainstorm, plan, run, and liquidate their own student-run ventures this semester and I would love to incorporate the use of social media in the student businesses. I would have to learn more about current social media platforms that teens are using (Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok, VSCO, etc) and how businesses use these tools to market to teens. Social media marketing is invaluable in 2019 and a vital part of Entrepreneurship.  Once I’ve done my research (A Guide to Social Media Marketing for Business in 2019) I would have to consider how I would assign the use of social media in the student-run companies and how I would assess such use. I love the idea of incorporating my Major Digital Project into my current teaching practices in a way that is useful for both my students and myself, but I still have a lot of things to consider before potentially implementing this idea. There are definitely a lot of concerns with social media in the classroom, many of which we covered through our collaborative slides about social media platforms last class, such as confidentiality, privacy, cyber bullying, etc.


Option B: “Based on the idea that individuals are now more able to learn and share online, choose something significant that you would like to learn, and share your progress openly in an online space.” I was inspired by Brooke’s idea to poll her Instagram followers for project ideas and decided to try that myself. My followers’ answers weren’t quite as creative as Brooke’s were, but there were a lot of great ideas!


All of the suggestions revolved around three main themes which I had conveniently been thinking of already:

  • Language – I love to travel! All of my family, friends, and social media followers know this (my Instagram is made up of 90% travel pictures and 10% memes) so it was no surprise that a main suggestion theme was something to do with travel. Learning a new language is something I have really been considering. I will be taking a group of students to Greece this Easter so it would be helpful to learn Greek, I have been to Spain and Portugal a couple of times and would love to go back so Spanish or Portuguese would be beneficial, and of course it is a staple to know French when living in Canada. I have dabbled with using apps such as Duolingo in the past but have never been dedicated enough to stick with it. This learning project would give me the motivation and time commitment to actually follow-through with learning a new language. I would do this through the use of Duolingo, audiobooks, YouTube, and any other resources I could find such as free online courses.
  • Physical Activity – I have never had a great relationship with running. I enjoy playing sports but I have always considered running a form of punishment (probably because running lines IS a punishment) and have never understood how people enjoy running. I could use this project to learn how to run properly and maybe even how to enjoy it – perhaps through a couch to 5k program that I could use an app for or other online resources. Another physical activity that was suggested to me was yoga. I have only done a few casual yoga sessions and would love to try more. Yoga is a great options because there are plenty of formal classes but also lots of online videos, apps, and tools that I could use to learn the basics.
  • Cooking/Baking – I enjoy cooking and baking but I rarely make time for either. I would love to learn more about cooking and/or baking. Although I meal prep every week, I always follow recipes. I would love to dedicate the time to experiment with new techniques and create my own recipes. I also don’t know much about nutrition and the nutritional values that are in or should be in the food I make. This project could be an opportunity for me to learn more about nutrition and incorporate it in my meal planning and cooking routines. I never make time for baking even though I consider it a relaxing activity for myself and I love to give away the baked goods that I make. Another option for this project could be learning cake or cookie decorating, or trying different baking techniques and recipes.

Honestly at this stage in the semester I am not totally sure which direction I want to go with this project yet. I think I would enjoy any of these options and have the resources to be able to choose any. All of these options would require a major commitment on my part and I would be able to assess and document my learning along the way. At the moment I am considering Option A the most, once I can conceptualize how I would create and assess the use of social media with my students. Social media marketing is a major aspect of Entrepreneurship and I believe I would learn just as much or more from my students as they would learn from me through this project.

Any feedback or suggestions are welcome and appreciated!


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3 responses to “Major Digital Project – So Many Options!

  1. You do have a lot of options! You can’t go wrong. I would say that Option A is more of a challenge for your brain, and Option B is more of a passion project. I have heard Couch to 5K is a great app to use for beginner runners. If you do end up going with Option A though, I can’t wait to learn alongside you through your blog and documentation. It sounds like a very interesting opportunity. I can’t wait to see what you choose! Good luck!

  2. Dean Vendramin

    I had the same struggle. I am using social media in my social class and was thinking about incorporating this into a project but just couldn’t wrap my head around how to put it together. So I went with something I’ve dabble in but this is giving me an opportunity to go further down the rabbit hole. Sounds like learning a language would help with something you are doing later and could come in really handy (selfishly I was going to say do baking and bring some to our end of semester get together if we are doing that again haha). If you choose #1 I’m sure you will have something really cool to share. Good luck with whatever you choose … I’m sure it will be great.

  3. I really like your Option #1 idea because I think it fits well, is engaging and is a relevant way to add another layer to the course content. However, it can become a little more tricky, as you stated, about privacy and such. Good luck in your adventure!

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