Reflections of a First Year Teacher

Well it is safe to say that I have neglected this blog for far too long.

In April 2012 I finished my final semester of university and in June 2012 officially convocated with my Bachelor of Education degree with a major in Business Education and a minor in Social Studies. I also received my Administration Certificates Level I & II. Shortly after convocating I was fortunate to receive two wonderful job offers and accepted a temporary contract teaching at the school I completed my internship at.

I have now spent the past six months working as a full time Business Education, History, and prep coverage teacher. The first semester consisted of teaching two Accounting 10/20 split classes, History 10, and History 20, as well as assistant coaching the girls soccer team. We are now two week in to the second semester and so far it is consisting of: History 10, Entrepreneurship 30, History 20, and two period of prep coverage where I will be teaching History 10, Psychology 20, Commercial Cooking 20, Practical and Applied Arts 9, and English 9. Prep coverage consists of teaching another class for 30 instructional hours to provide the regular teacher with the appropriate prep time as allocated in our local agreement.

Over the past six months I feel like I have learned a tremendous amount about teaching, learning, and education in general. I’ve spent countless hours at the school planning lessons, marking assignments, decorating my classroom, and coaching. There have been times of feeling extremely overwhelmed, and times of great satisfaction. I truly believe that a teacher must be a lifelong learner – I love learning new things to teach my students and learning new things that my students have taught me.

I can’t wait to see what the rest of the school year, and my future as an educator, has in store.

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