Educators and Social Media

Educators and Social Media has been a hot topic throughout my undergraduate Education degree. I am currently in my final semester of my Bachelor of Education and for my Educational Foundations 303 (Moral Education) I have been asked to complete a critical project – to pick a subject and critically look at it and research it. For my project I chose to critically look at Educators and their use of Social Media.

Is it possible for an educator to have a professional online identity as well as a personal one? Should teachers and students be able to communicate through social media during school hours? Or after school hours for homework help? Should educators be able to contact the student-athletes that they coach through social media outside of school hours to inform them of updates? 

Social media has quickly become a part of daily life and often the lines between personal and professional can become blurred when it comes to social media conduct. Due to these blurring of work and home life many businesses have employees sign a social media policy Should schools have staff and students sign social media contracts? Should it be up to the discretion of the staff and students themselves? Do schools or boards have such policies already in place?

These are some of the questions that I hope to receive feedback on, find answers to, and take a critical look at.

Please take a few minutes to help me in my research by completing a short survey about Educators and Social Media at

If your school has a social media policy please tell me about it, or what you would like to see in a social media contract if your school were to create one.

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