Intern 2011

“Internship will go by in a flash; the next thing you know, it will be over before you even realize it”

My second home during internship

That is a quote that I heard numerous times going in to and even during my internship. During the first month, I thought those people were just trying to be nice to the intern… internship was all consuming and there was no way that four months of my life would just “fly by”. But sure enough, they were right!

I began my internship with teaching an Information Processing 10 class and helping as an assistant coach for the Girls’ Soccer team. I had a “business fact of the day” every day and was using tech tools such as wikispaces and edmodo to assist my daily teaching, The first month was a new and exciting experience for me… I was in the school full-time, teaching a class from day one and structuring it how I wanted, planning, marking, building relationships with students, participating in school life, coaching, attending staff meetings, and everything else included in the daily life of a school that you really don’t experience as student or a student-teacher up until this point.

As the semester progressed, I began teaching more classes and enjoying more new and challenging experiences. By November I was teaching my Information Processing 10 class as well as Communication Media 20, History 10, and Native Studies 30. Not only was I teaching a variety of classes, but I experienced teaching in numerous rooms since each class was taught by a different cooperating teacher in a different classroom. Also around this time of the semester soccer had ended and I began helping as an assistant coach to the Jr. Girls’ Basketball team. Needless to say, life was hectic.

By the beginning of December I began to slowly work my way back down to teaching one class a day and spending my mornings in the ILP room helping with a variety of different activities. During the second last week of internship, the Business Ed interns also took field trips to each others’ schools to observe each other teaching and to get a small preview of what subjects/content each of us had spent the last few months teaching, the students we spend each day teaching, the physical space of our schools, and to gain different perspectives of each of our own experiences.

As hectic as those four months were, everyone was absolutely right when they said “it will fly by”; the next thing I knew, it was the end of December and the end of my internship.

Internship was by far the most demanding, intense, challenging, busy, and rewarding four months of my life. I was taken out of my comfort zone, taught subjects that I had no previous experience or knowledge in, tried new things, experienced challenges, failures, and successes, grew as both a teacher and a person, and there is no question that I am in love with teaching! I can not wait for the opportunity to have my own classroom and to teach my own classes. I will forever be grateful for the absolutely amazing staff who were always willing to help and welcomed me in to their classrooms at any time, the fantastic students, and an invaluable experience that I will always treasure.

I have now returned to the University for my final semester and am eagerly awaiting what the future holds!

What do you remember the most about your internship experience? How did your internship help to prepare you for your future teaching career?

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