The Half-Way Point

Internship 2011 is officially half-way done. I have completed 8 weeks of internship and have 8 weeks to go. I have grown as an educator, a learner, and a person. I have learned so much more about the teaching profession than I ever thought I would. Within the first few weeks I found myself taking apart computers to teach my IP students about the different parts of a computer such as the motherboard and power supply. I have learned new programs such as GarageBand and Photoshop and even a few new skills in Microsoft Word (I thought I was already an expert, but I guess not!).

I am currently teaching 3 classes daily and will be picking up my 4th class for my three-week-block on November 7th. This experience has taught me the importance of planning, how time consuming marking can be, and how important time management really is. And how amazing the teaching profession is… from interacting with the students, planning amazing lessons, experiencing the ups and downs, and the best staff you could ever ask for.

As I am about to embark on the home stretch of my Internship adventure, I am truly thankful for all of the staff at my school who have been tremendous supports, I am fostering relationships with students, trying new things, stepping outside of my comfort zone, and learning more than I ever thought I could. Every day I learn something new; a new teaching style, classroom management technique, a new program, new shortcuts and tools of programs I already know, new hobbies and interests of my students, or new fun facts that I provide to my info pro students.

There have been ups and downs, stresses and successes, but overall this has been the greatest experience of my educational adventure and I can’t wait to see what awaits me in the 8 weeks ahead.

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