Summer Adventures

Kipling, SK - the world's largest paperclip

As a continuation from my previous post, I decided that I should continue to update on my summer. As my job takes me all over Saskatchewan, I have been documenting all of the towns I go to through taking photos on my phone then posting them to my Facebook account for my friends and family to stay updated on my travels.

Today I realized just how fortunate I am to be able to connect and share these experiences with others through the use of social media such as Twitter and Facebook. During our long drives to events, my coworkers and I often discuss social media such as what is acceptable for Facebook and Twitter, the change in employer outlook and allowing employees to access social media in the workplace (our employer has recently made this change by unblocking social media websites), and even the positives and negatives of the iphone, blackberry, PCs, and Macs.

My favorite example of the impact of social media in relation to my job took place today – we had set up a car seat clinic in Kipling, SK and as we check the car seats, the caregiver is asked to fill out a form with basic information in which one question is “how did you hear about today’s clinic?” and to my pleasant surprise, a number of people wrote “Facebook”. Once I found out that people had heard of this over Facebook, I was informed that the town uses Facebook to connect with the citizens of their town and advertise local events and news.

As a true city person (born and raised) I am constantly amazed with the small town life that I experience on my trips but the impact of Facebook on this community was absolutely my most “teachable moment” so far.

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