Summer Learning

Well it has been nearly a month since I last updated. Not that much has happened since my last post, but I thought I would provide a short update.

With the end of April comes to the end of the school year for university students – the ever longed for summer vacation. Unfortunately, these “four months of freedom” end up as four months of full time employment, and quite likely time away from children and development in the field of education. This is also a time to catch up on course loads or to get ahead in a degree through spring/summer classes.

What am I up to for the summer? Well I have been lucky enough to be employed full time working with children. My job involves traveling around the province to different schools and community events educating children on bike, pedestrian, and bike safety, as well as educating teenagers on the effects of impaired driving, and educating parents on child safety seats. This job has taught me more than I had ever imagined, and I’ve only been working for two weeks! But my favorite thing about this job is that it is the first summer job I have ever had where I am working with children and youth every week for the entire summer.

I am also taking an online Justice Studies 210 course which I find extremely interesting. I enjoy being able to focus on one class instead of four or five and am able to learn a lot while working around my busy schedule. Although it is summer time, I am continuing to learn in a number of aspects – from my everyday employment to my online courses, and everything I encounter in between.

I hope that the end of the school year is treating all of the teachers out there well and that everyone can enjoy their summer vacations when they come.

Education is learning what you didn’t even know you didn’t know
-Daniel J. Boorstin

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