Pre-Internship; A Reflection

After 2 and a half years of my B.Ed degree, I was finally given my first look into the life of a high school teacher this semester. As stated in previous posts, I spent the first two and a half months of the semester at a local high school taking university classes and teaching a personal finance unit to two rotations of practical and applied arts 9.

Working Hard

Pre-Internship lesson

After the 2 and a half months of the university semester, we were paired up and sent off to another high school to complete our 3-week pre-internship block. I was sent back to my old high school for my 3-week block which was a fantastic experience with it’s own draw back as well. All of the staff was extremely welcoming and were eager to help make my pre-internship experience the best that

it could be. At the same time, I was very familiar with the school, the staff, the structure, some of the students, and the way things worked.

During my 3-weeks at the school I was fortunate enough to spend a week observing a number of different classes, talking to numerous teachers about how they structure their class, evaluation and assessment, classroom management, etc. After the first week of observation, I jumped in with two feet taking over two classes – Information Processing 10 and Entrepreneurship 30. My IP 10 class had just finished their unit on word processing and publisher, so we were moving on to a unit on databases, using Microsoft Access. In Entre 30, the students were beginning to come up with ideas for a potential venture and to work through the initial stages of a business venture.

Throughout my two weeks I experienced amazing classroom behaviour, as well as some classroom management, I also experienced planning sequential lesson planning, and the little things such as photocopying and finding out that if I do not hole punch an assignment then students may lose it. I also used this experience to try out the use of new technology in the classroom. Although I was lucky enough to have both of my classes in computer labs, I used this to my advantage to use Prezi and Edmodo – two tools that I definitely plan to continue using in the future.

In the end, I had an amazing 3-week experience and even though there were ups and downs, I can genuinely say that I know I have chosen the right profession. Even though I am no where close to knowing as much about education, teaching strategies, assessment and evaluation, and numerous other aspects that I will only gain through more experience.

Do you have any advice for a pre-service teacher who is preparing for their internship experience in the Fall? Are you using or know of any great tools to use in the classroom? Any advice, suggestions, or words of wisdom are appreciated.


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2 responses to “Pre-Internship; A Reflection

  1. G’day Amy,

    No grand advice as I’m currently a little behind you. Friday this week I go to the first school where I’ll be doing “Embedded Professional Learning” (EPL – in local speak). Your hole punch experience really highlights how the little unexpected things will make an impact.

    It will be interesting to see how my experience – at the other end of the world – compares with yours.


    • thanks for the comment David! I am very interested to see how your experiences will compare to mine. Best of luck to you and I hope we can continue to share and learn from each other.
      sorry about the late reply!

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