Pre-Internship; A Pilot Project

As the Fall 2010 semester comes to an end, I am beginning to gain excitement for my upcoming Winter 2011 semester. The upcoming semester should normally include an Education Professional (300) course, two subject-specific courses (Business Education 350 & 351), and an Education Psychology course. All of these courses end for a 3 week block where the pre-service teachers would enter a real high school classroom and teach for 3 weeks. This is a very exciting semester that will help to prepare use for internship and our future as educators.  Although most third year Education students at the University of Regina will still experience this type of a semester, but the Business Educa and English Education students will experience something a little different.

Next semester, the 7 Business Education majors and the English Education majors will be changes things up a bit and going to school at a local Regina high school. This is a pilot project happening for the first time (that we know of) where approximately 37 university students will take their university classes in a classroom at a local high school. Not only will we be exposed to the daily routines of the high school, we will also be provided the opportunity to teach in numerous different classrooms and subject areas. From what I’ve heard, this will provide us with a unique and invaluable experience that will be extremely beneficial for everyone involved. In theory, this opportunity will provide me with more experience in the classroom both observing and teaching. I will also have the chance to become involved with the school through helping with extra-curricular activities and other such things.

I’ll be sure to keep everyone posted with how it goes!

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