Saskatchewan’s Stand on Plagiarism

In September of this year, the Saskatoon’s Public School Division launched a pilot program of evaluation. This new evaluation system would have students being assessed separately for academic and behavior.  Although and tests would be assessed under the academic category, cheating, late assignments, and plagiarism fall under the behavior category. This program quickly became the topic of many discussions in my education classes and caused a great deal of controversy.

Today, the Regina Leader Post newspaper featured the article Punishing Cheating Students.  The article states that “the Saskatchewan provincial government is moving forward with a uniform policy for all school divisions to deal with student plagiarism and late assignment.” The confusion from the Saskatoon pilot policy proved that the province of Saskatchewan is in need of a universal policy when it comes to plagiarism, cheating, and late assignments. This new policy will be used across the province to provide teachers with guidelines for dealing with late assignments and plagiarism, but it does not specify penalties, allowing teachers to use their discretion for different circumstances.

I have not been able to look into this new policy yet and am not sure what all it includes but I think that it sounds like a good idea. As a pre-service teacher I know that late assignments and plagiarism are two issues that I am not sure how I would deal with yet. Obviously there needs to be consequences for these actions and I am glad there is going to be a universal policy to help keep consistency across the province. I await to read the full policy and discuss this with my professors and peers.

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