Summary of Personal Learning

One of the final projects for ECMP 355 is to create a Summary of Personal Learning. The purpose of this project is to summarize the learning experience that I had in the class.

Here is my Summary of Personal Learning

Summary of Personal Learning on Dipity.


At first, I had a lot of trouble trying to decide what I wanted to do for my summary

of learning… I knew what I wanted to say, but I didn’t know what I wanted to use to

say it. After looking through all of the tech tools I have compiled over the past few

months, I stumbled upon a website with tools to create online timelines. That’s

when I knew, this is what I am going to do for my summary. I created an online

timeline using Dipity and went from there.I wanted to re-cap everything that I had

learned in class, and express my thoughts and reactions to all of the things that

we did. The timeline uses some exact dates, and some dates I guesstimated on.


I found Dipity extremely easy to use once I understood the basic concept of it.

I liked the idea that I could add my own pictures, links, and videos to each event.

Unfortunately I was not able to add narrative or music directly into the timeline.

These are two additions that i would have liked to have in timeline, but I feel

that even without narrative or background music it still gets the point across

and covers everything I wanted to. This is a great tool that I would definitely

recommend and will use with my students in the future.


I must admit that although I was very overwhelmed at first, I became quite fond of

ECMP 355 and enjoyed my experience in the class. I plan to continue using and

building on what I have learned. I would also like to thank Alec and my entire

PLN for teaching me so much, and I hope to continue this learning process!

Also, thank you to my friends and family who may not be educators but continue

to help me learn and grow as a person and encourage me.

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