Major Project

The Major Project for ECMP 355 is to develop a major Internet-based project with a focus on integrating technologies learned through the course. Jenn Thomas, Katie Rosenkranz, and myself decided to create our own Wiki.

As three Business Education majors, we have all found it to be extremely difficult to find business education resources on the internet. We have spent numerous hours of being frustrated trying to find resources and sites to help with our assignments or lesson plans. It only seemed logical to create a wiki using  WikiSpaces. We found it suiting to name our wiki the Business Education Toolbox since that it essentially what we wanted it to be; one site that provides everything that someone would need to build on business education, all resources in one convenient location, just like a toolbox.

We created this wiki with 7 pages and hope that over time, these pages will continue to grow and other pages will emerge with even more resources through collaboration with others. We want to encourage not just business educators, but everyone to join and contribute to this wiki to help provide a resource for everyone.

The first page is the home page – it welcomes the reader to the site, explains what it is about, and encourages them to join and contribute.
The second page is Lesson Plans – this page is broken down into Business Education subjects that link to the Saskatchewan Curriculum Guide. So far this page consists of lesson plans created for EBus classes by our peers and ourselves but we encourage others to add their own lessons to this page.
The third page is for Unit Plans – the same idea as the lesson plans page, but for unit plans that we have created along with links to the curriculum they are based off of.
Page four is the Resource Toolbox – this page is also categorized by specific subjects and provides everything from sites to lesson plan ideas to games and simulations to magazines and everything in between.
Page five is the Technology Toolbox – this page is not business education specific, it simply provides great tools such as sites for social media, blogs, mind mapping, digital storytelling, and much more.
BusEd Promotions is the sixth page – this page is used to showcase some of the projects that we completed this semester. Katie and myself created the video “You Can Choose… Business Education” to help promote business education subjects and the benefits they provide students in real-life situations. We have already received very positive feedback from this video and have been made aware that this video has been seen around Canada and the United States. In addition to our video, Jenn added a poem and posters created by herself and Regain Bompais which also promote business education.
Finally, the last page of the wiki is BusEd Blogs – this page provides links to the blogs of business educators as well as other interesting and helpful educational blogs.

Overall wikispaces are very easy to use, I would highly recommend this tool. Not only was it easy for the three of us to contribute and collaborate on this project, we can also open it up to others who have resources they would like to share. We hope to continue adding to and growing this wiki in the future.

Use it, enjoy it, share it, contribute to it – The Business Education Toolbox.



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2 responses to “Major Project

  1. Great job on the wiki! I see that you have included ClustrMaps in your technology toolbox… you should add one to the sidebar of your wiki and then you really get to see the impact your little project has on the globe!

    Here is a wiki I did a few years back with students:
    How could you use wiki’s with your students in Business Education?

  2. Thanks for the comment David! I took your advice and added a ClusterMap to the sidebar of our wiki. I can’t wait to see the global impact this wiki will have!
    I also took a look at your wiki and am very impressed, until this semester I had never used wikis before and your class is a perfect example of the benefits of them.
    I think there are a number of ways to use wikis with my students in Business Education, we could use it as a class homepage or to showcase student work or for students to promote/market their business in entrepreneurship, etc. The possibilities are endless!

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