My Twitter Experience

I must admit, when I first heard about Twitter I was skeptical. I did not understand what exactly it was, or why anyone would use it. At this point, I was already on Facebook and was an avid user of the “facebook status” posts to let my friends know what I was up to or what was on my mind…. why would I want to share these things in 140 characters with the entire world wide web?

Although I did not completely understand the benefits of the site, I joined Twitter to see what all the hype was about. When I first signed up I followed a few people that I knew, or knew of in my personal life. Soon I was following celebrities and educators and soon began to understand what a great tool Twitter really is. Since I did not have many people following me, I rarely tweeted or knew what to even tweet about.

Now, I have over 400 tweets, am following over 100 people and have 90 followers myself. Through my ECMP 355 experience I am really starting to get the hang of Twitter, and have even advanced to using TweetDeck (which I really enjoy). I genuinely enjoy sharing resources with other educators through Twitter and would like to start tweeting more resources myself. I prefer to use Twitter for professional purposes and have found that it has helped me out a number of times while I have been looking for resources for papers and projects.

Are you one Twitter? Do you use it for personal or professional use, or both? Do you try to keep up with everyone that you follow and read all tweets? I find that to be my biggest struggle right now, I am following 100+ people and I want to read what everyone has to say, but I have trouble finding the time to keep up-to-date with all the tweets. Any recommendations?

My Twitter: @mcfarla


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4 responses to “My Twitter Experience

  1. Mike Wolf

    I use it mostly professionally. TweetDeck is a fantatic tool. Anyone who only interfaces with twitter through the web interface is missing out.

  2. I use it professionally, although some people I connect with in Twitter have become friends of a kind. As you say, it’s a great help with new ideas and finding cool things. I think the people who are most dissatisfied with Twitter are trying to make friends rather than explore new ideas.

    I cannot possibly keep up with everything, nor do I want to. It’s more like a river – I can step in and step out any time. If there are particular people I want to know about, I just click on their particular tweets next time I’m there.

  3. Sounds like you’re well on your way with Twitter! I definitely recommend Tweetdeck for use in staying organized with feeds, tracking hashtags, etc. It is impossible to read every tweet. That is just reality. But you will quickly learn to filter through tweets and hone in on those that most benefit your learning. As you gather more followers, you may only want to “keep” those that are contributing things that add value to your learning. Will help keep your streams of tweets a little more manageable!

  4. It has been a great tool to collaborate with others that share the same passion as you, as well as to learn from one another. Great to hear there are new adopters out there! Welcome to the future of online collaboration!

    @Collaborize or @ShanaAtDS

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