Tech Tools

In ECMP 355 we have been learning about a lot of tech tools and interesting websites that we can use as educators.

Some of my favorite tools include:
-An online tool that may be used as a presentation alternative over powerpoint. You can use this to create presentations, mind maps, lessons, etc. Prezi can be created online then downloaded to be presented without an internet connection. This would be a great tool for student presentations and teacher lessons, or even group discussion.

Xtranormal is a website that allows you to create your own animated movie. With Xtranormal, you turn text into the script that the characters say, decide the looks of characters, and manipulate the movements of characters. This is an excellent tool for both teachers and students.

Animoto is a website where you upload your images and text and Animoto arranges them into a unique video. No video will ever be replicated so results will vary every time a video is created. This site also has an educators option which is a nice feature for teachers.

The best thing about all three of these webistes is that they are very user-friendly, easy to use, and 100% free! All of these tools are beneficial to both students and educators alike.

Recently, ECMP 355 has been spending time on creating videos. First, we created a Mastercard commercial using Photo Story, then we created a powerpoint video using different images, and most recently we have had experience creating our own video using iMovie. The most recent video assignment involved shooting a video of “the door scene” using a Flip Video Camera then editing the video using iMovie. I have never used a Flip video camera before and really enjoyed how easy to use it was and how light and compact it was,  this is a very practical piece of equipment that would be perfect for a school setting. Another benefit of the Flip video camera is that it just connects to the computer through the USB port instead of having to connect through cords, which can be a frustrating process at times.

I look forward to editing the video using iMovie, since I only have experience using iMovie ’06. It will be interesting to see the changes that come with the newer version.

I am excited to learn about more tech tools in this class.

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  1. Sonja Girard

    I, too, enjoy learning about and making use of these websites/tools with my students. An issue that we are running into, however, is that because the servers for these are based in the USA, they fall under American law/statutes/etc…. thus, could be putting Canadian students at risk should they post something found to be “unfavourable” to someone south of the boarder. Many of these sites are blocked within our system, and can only be access by students if under the protection of a “teacher” account (where I would be the one in jeopardy).
    Three other cool sites in addition to those you listed, that you might also like are:
    Voice Thread:

    Have fun!

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