About Me

My name is Amy McFarlen, and I am currently a first year teacher in rural Saskatchewan. I completed my Bachelor of Education degree at the University of Regina located in Regina, SK. I am a Secondary teacher with a major in Business Education and a minor in Social Studies but I have a strong interest in all subject areas. In the first semester of the 2012-13 school year I taught two sections of Accounting 10/20 split classes, History 10, and History 20. This semester I am teaching History 10, Entrepreneurship 30, History 20, Psychology 20, Communications Media 20, Practical and Applied Arts 9, and English 9. I have also helped coach the Girls Soccer Team and am currently the head coach of the Senior Girls Basketball Team.

I completed my internship semester in December 2011 where I had an amazing experience teaching and growing as an educator as I taught Information Processing 10, Communication Media 20, History 10, and Native Studies 30. I was also involved in the school as an assistant coach for the Girls Soccer Team, co-host of a school pep-rally, and assistant coach of the Jr. Girls Basketball Team. I completed my pre-internship semester in Winter 2011 where I taught PAA 9, Information Processing 10, and Entrepreneurship 30.

Twitter- @mcfarla


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